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Genuine Service Packages  Based on the wish to offer a growing range of personalised after-sales services, based on the requests of every single client of the new Genuine Service Packages: a unique opportunity to benefit from the professional Authorised Dealerships and Garages to maintain the cars on the highest available level in terms of safety and performance.

The basic package includes all standard interventions regarding ordinary maintenance for 2 years and exclusive access to assistance and repair services; the client benefitting from the Genuine Service Packages just refers to the official garage and a team of qualified professionals will be available, who perfectly know the car, the needs and the potential.

Planned interventions will be carried out once a year as well as accurate inspections with the most modern diagnostic instruments by qualified staff  trained directly at the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello: these are the main advantages for the clients, benefitting from the packages available in Italy, Great Britain and soon also on more of the main Ferrari markets.

A high-quality service linked to the car and not to the owner: an exclusive opportunity for those who purchase a used Ferrari, who don’t want to renounce performance and high-quality assistance.

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